everything good
WS 2013/14

Photography: Sandra Gramm
Model: Pablo

For my bachelor collection I decided to work on the topic of beeing in a good mood. When you are in a good mood everything seems to be much easier for the moment, and even the biggest worries can start to fade. That's why we all should consciously try to keep our spirits up.
There are dozens of guides and a wide variety of products designed to support us in obtaining or maintaining the good mood.
I found the childish aesthetic, that runs through all product groups, to be very characteristic. Therefore I created silhouettes and prints that are inspired by memories from my childhood, mixed with classical clothing forms and sportswear. Comfy garments that allow the good mood.
The two prints are reminiscent of first childrens drawings on the wellknown computer program "paint". The balloon subject is symbolic for the light feeling and the paperstreamers almost remind of a sympbol of infinity.