global nomad
WS 2010/11

Photography: Alina Simmelbauer
Model: Max B. / Felix H.

A collection in the field of tension between integration and assimilation - the familiar and the foreign. Due to my lifestyle, it is hard to define exactly what constitutes for me the own or the foreign.
So I busied myself with a group of people that is scattered across the world. These people share no origin, no goal, and speak different languages. Similarities can be found in their views and life careers marked by travel and a mixture of different cultural influences. They are global nomads. People who, driven by a variety of reasons travel the world.Their paths often cross in cold and unfriendly places: airports, whose symbolism I used as a print-inspiration.
Capes and ponchos mixed with classical elements and duffelcoats, printed knit-pattern on classic men's pants tell a story of travel, cold, and continuous search.